Nikon introduces the all-new COOLPIX P1000, the world’s only compact camera to boast a 125x optical zoom.1 From moonscapes to wildlife and distant aircraft, users can capture subjects that were out of reach-until now.

This extraordinary 16 MP camera makes capturing amazing photos and movies easy. The 125x optical zoom offers the world’s biggest zoom range of 24-3000mm.1,2 And the 250x Dynamic Fine Zoom digitally extends the upper limit to an incredible 6000 mm.2,3 That’s enough zoom power to capture craters on the moon.

A bright f/2.8 NIKKOR lens delivers superb results in low light. Nikon’s advanced lens technologies minimise distortion for remarkably sharp images, even when shooting at ultra-high-telephoto focal lengths. RAW support lets photographers save and export uncompressed image files to their processing/editing programme of choice. And movie shooters can record super-telephoto 4K/UHD video footage: perfect when filming distant wildlife in their natural habitat.

Ines Bernardes, product manager at Nikon Europe, comments: „If you want to capture photos of a supermoon or film hatchlings leaving the nest, the COOLPIX P1000 is for you. The incredible wide-angle to super-telephoto zoom range means you have the freedom to take in the whole scene, or zoom in on the tiniest details. This compact megazoom is also less than a quarter of the weight of a DSLR camera with super-telephoto lens attached, which makes it great for hiking or travelling.“

Summary of key features
– Ultra-high zoom. The sky is no longer the limit. Shoot with a 125x optical zoom (24-3000mm) and 250x Dynamic Fine Zoom (6000 mm).2,3
– Jaw-dropping shots. The bright f/2.8 NIKKOR lens, 16 MP sensor, EXPEED image processor, and RAW support combine to deliver sharp results.
– Super-telephoto 4K movies. Easily record 4K/UHD 30p footage, or Full HD (1080p) video at frame rates of up to 60p. Film in stereo sound and benefit from clean HDMI out.
– Steady images. Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) counters the effects of camera shake for sharper stills and movies. VR Active mode delivers a more stable viewfinder and monitor image.
– Any angle. The bright 3.2-in 921k-dot LCD monitor can be tilted and twisted in almost any direction.
– Smooth zoom control. A large grip and a side zoom-control ease handling. A snap-back zoom button instantly retracts the lens from super-telephoto to a wider angle, making it easy to pick up subjects that have moved out of shot.
– Perfect results. RAW support lets users save and export uncompressed image files to processing/editing programs.
– Share the wonder. SnapBridge connectivity lets users sync photos to a smart device as they shoot. SnapBridge also makes it possible to use the smart device to shoot remotely.

1 As of 10th July 2018
2 35mm equivalent
3 Magnification of Dynamic Fine Zoom is calculated from the maximum wide-angle position of the optical zoom.

SnapBridge compatibility
Nikon’s SnapBridge application must be installed on a compatible smart device before SnapBridge can be used with this camera.

Quelle: Nikon