Beyond Limits: Leading a Drone Business as a Pilot and Mother

Over the past decade, DJI and the commercial drone industry have grown at a rapid pace. In creating products that show the extent of our innovation, we have also increased the diversity and number of people who use our products. In celebration of this month’s International Women’s Day, we are sharing stories of female pilots around the world who have contributed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

For the first interview of this series, we sat down with Yuhuan Li, a mother of two who became an agricultural drone pilot. The 40-year-old runs her own business in Xinjiang Province, using the DJI Agras T16 to spray pesticides and defoliant over thousands of acres every day.

The full interview can be read on DJI’s corporate blog and shared with your readers.

Discover the Yacht Week Croatia through the DJI Digital FPV System

Stretching 1,800 kilometres along the Adriatic Sea, the Croatian coastline is a mesmerising jigsaw of over 1000 islands, islets, and crags. And of course, there’s no better way to experience it all than on a yacht.

In partnership with The Yacht Week, DJI captured a day of sun-soaked fun using the DJI Digital FPV System with a mounted Osmo Action.

A great opportunity to start feeling the waves of the upcoming summer! Share this story with your readers via this link.

The Astonishing and Extreme Landscapes of Greenland with a Hasselblad

Taking to the skies to capture Greenland from above, Roger Fishman created the largest fine art collection of the island’s extreme remote beauty, entitled Ephemeral & Eternal: Greenland.

Collaborating with scientists from various prestigious American universities and hoping to activate the public by unveiling the magnificence of the land, Roger’s photographs reveal what is at stake and what we must work to preserve for the future of our planet.

To engage the viewer, he brought forth a different way to see the landscapes and glaciers by shooting straight down from the helicopter with the H6D-100c, an HCD 35-90mm lens, and a Kenyan gyro for stabilization. “This eliminates context and, thus, requires the person to use their imagination and their emotions to see with their heart,” explains Roger.

Mehr Bilder hier: Hasselblad official website.


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