DJI Introduces New Incubated Livox Lidar Technology at CES 2020

Backed by years of expertise gained in sensor innovation and hardware manufacturing, DJI introduced Livox Technology Company Limited (Livox), an independent company that is revolutionising the lidar sensor industry.
At CES 2020, Livox presented two new sensors that offer a groundbreaking new scanning method to deliver better sensing performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional lidar units.

By making lidar easier and more affordable to integrate into products and applications, Livox sensors will enable new innovations across a broad range of applications from autonomous driving to smart cities, mapping, mobile robotics and much more.

More information about Livox can be found here.

Video: DJI Helps Africa Fight Against Malaria 

Malaria ranks amongst the world’s deadliest diseases and has claimed over 52 billion lives. Although significant progress has been made to combat malaria with conventional techniques, more is needed to eliminate it completely.

Deploying the cutting-edge Agras MG-1S drone, DJI partnered with the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Programme (ZAMEP) and the local community in a novel project to reduce malaria transmission.

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Four Ways Drones Fight Forest Fires

Since its foundation in 2006, DJI has been developing drone technology that benefits the world in many different ways such as firefighting, humanitarian aid, building inspection, saving lives and making things easier for human beings, to name just a few.

Last year drone technology was even credited as saving Notre-Dame from total collapse. However, this is just one high profile case and drones are used frequently by emergency services around the world to help tackle fires.

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Capturing The Cruel Beauty of Winter in The Scottish Highlands with a Hasselblad

Lucky enough to grow up with the Scottish Highlands on his doorstep, Ruairidh McGlynn has always been drawn to otherworldly landscapes – and for him, the harsher the environment, the better.

Seeking out the winter storms of the Highlands, he ventured into rain, sleet and snow in weather as cold as -15°C with his Hasselblad cameras: X1D and XCD 45. Usually drawn to locations that are less documented, Ruairidh was instead intrigued to capture the cruel beauty of the area’s intense conditions, seeing the Highlands from a fresh, snowy perspective.

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