0.022 seconds! Nicolas Hillebrand wins thrilling eX Prix of Indianapolis

Altnau, October 27, 2021 – Successful premiere in the RCCO World eX Championship: The first oval race of the virtual racing series for emission-free sports cars provided spectacular pictures. The winner of the first eX Prix of Indianapolis on the famous racetrack in the USA was 24-year-old German Nicolas Hillebrand from Biela Racing Team EURONICS, who beat Absolute Racing’s Michi Hoyer by just 0.022 seconds in a heart-stopping Super Final.

On the 2.5-mile Indianapolis oval, the 1,000 hp eX ZERO reached top speeds of more than 370 km/h. The fastest lap by Risto Kappet with Team R8G Esports’ eX ZERO equated to an average speed of 363.542 km/h.

As expected, slipstreaming and bump-drafting played a decisive role on the famous oval, which consists of only four corners and four straights. Only rarely was the driver who entered Turn 4 in the lead able to prevail. Most of the 17 highly entertaining races were decided at the finish line.

All the more astonishing was the fact that Nicolas Hillebrand celebrated a lights-to-flag victory in the 2-lap Super Final and was able to successfully fend off the attack of his opponent Michi Hoyer on the start-finish straight.

“That was incredibly close,” said Hillebrand, who was standing in for his youth idol Frank Biela for the second time in a row. After Luca Kita’s victory at Monza, Biela Racing Team EUROCNIS managed the second win in a row in the RCCO World eX Championship.

“I am just speechless, such an unreal feeling. Thank you so much to Biela Racing Team EURONICS for providing me with the chance to take part in this outstanding series and thank you very much to RCCO World eX for hosting one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in sim racing!”

Michi Hoyer made it to the Super Final for the second time this season, but as at Sepang he was narrowly beaten in the end and is still waiting for his first win in the RCCO World eX Championship. “At least I appeared in the finals today,“ said the Absolute Racing driver. “It was a good race, nice battle, well deserved win for Nicolas. Yet gutted to be beaten for a nice laptop by 0.022 seconds.”

In keeping with the motto #RacingForTheClimate the winner of the first eX Prix of Indianapolis will be one of the first proud owners of the just launched most eco-friendly notebook, the Aspire Vero, awarded by Acer. Designed with 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, saving around 21% in CO2 emission, it is a tangible manifestation of Acer’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Third place in the eX Prix of Indianapolis was secured by championship leader Lasse Sørensen from TK9 E-SPEED, who narrowly missed out on a place in the Super Final in a spectacular photo finish of Level 5. The top four crossed the finish line within 0.030 seconds. Liam de Waal missed a podium for Patrick Long Esports by just 16 thousandths of a second. Alen Terzic (BS+COMPETITION) and World eX Co-Founder Mike Rockenfeller as a wild card entry completed the top six.

By winning at Indianapolis, Nicolas Hillebrand also secured his ticket for the Grand Final of the RCCO World eX Championship on November 23 at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, with all winners of the ten eX Prixs of the inaugural season being qualified. Before the Grand Final, the Teams’ world championship title will be decided between leaders TK9 E-SPEED and runner-up Williams Esports in Round 10 on the Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgring.

2021 RCCO World eX Championship – #IndyeXPrix

1st       #71 Nicolas Hillebrand (D) Biela Racing Team EURONICS (pro)
2nd     #99 Michi Hoyer (D) Absolute Racing (esports)
3rd      #7 Lasse Sørensen (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (pro)
4th      #29 Liam de Waal (NL) Patrick Long Esports (esports)
5th      #27 Alen Terzic (SLO) BS+COMPETITION (esports)
6th      #69 Mike Rockenfeller (D) Wild Card (pro)
7th      #10 Risto Kappet (EST) R8G Esports (esports)
8th      #11 Luca Kita (D) Biela Racing Team EURONICS (esports)
9th      #8 Job van Uitert (NL) R8G Esports (pro)
10th    #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports)
11th     #33 Henry Drury (GB) Patrick Long Esports (pro)
12th     #89 Phillippe Denes (USA) BS+COMPETITION (pro)
13th     #9 Lasse Bak (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (esports)
14th     #16 Jack Aitken (GB) Williams Esports (pro)
15th     #28 Thomas Schmid (CH) NIANCO esports (esports)
16th     #51 Nico Müller (CH) NIANCO esports (pro)
17th     #31 Fabrice Cornelis (B) Esports Team WRT (esports)
18th    #61 Goofy Pirro (I) Wild Card (esports)
19th     #32 Alister Yoong (MAL) Esports Team WRT (pro)
20th    #20 Rafael Lobato (P) Absolute Racing (pro)

Fastest Lap:
#10 Risto Kappet (EST) R8G Esports (esports) 39.838s

World eX drivers’ championship after 9 of 10 rounds:
1st       #7 Lasse Sørensen (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (pro) 3 wins
2nd     #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports) 1 win
3rd      #10 Risto Kappet (EST) R8G Esports (esports) 1 win
4th      #89 Philippe Denes (USA) BS+COMPETITION (pro) 1 win
5th      #11 Luca Kita (D) Biela Racing Team EURONICS (esports) 1 win
6th      #16 Bruno Senna (BR) Williams Esports (pro) 1 win
7th      #71 Nicolas Hillebrand (D) Biela Racing Team EURONICS (pro) 1 win

World eX teams’ championship after 9 of 10 rounds:
1st       TK9 E-SPEED 3 wins
2nd     Williams Esports 2 wins
3rd      Biela Racing Team EURONICS 2 wins
4th      R8G Esports 1 win
5th      BS+COMPETITION 1 win
6th      Absolute Racing

Next Race:
eX Prix of Germany and Grand Final, Nürburgring (D), November 23, 21:00 CET

Quelle: RCCO E-Sport AG

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